Each of us has a story…

And sometimes we need someone to come alongside us and affirm our strengths and remind us that though we have problems, we are not the problem.  Too often counseling can be seen only as a place where people go to talk about pain and trauma.  While that is often true, I prefer to view counseling as the place people go to gain freedom.  Freedom from pain, freedom from trauma, from dissatisfying relationships and our own confusing behavior.

That’s what I love most about counseling.  I have the opportunity to join you on your journey, to walk with you and get to know you and help you discover hidden strengths and abilities within yourself.  Most of my clients look to me as the expert, and indeed I am, but I remind my clients that no matter how many years I’ve spent studying psychology in general, they have spent their entire lives studying themselves.  You are the expert on you, and while I certainly have valuable knowledge and insight about how you behave and how to change (after all, if I didn’t, why would you be here?), I respect that you are the expert on you.  I will at times point us in a particular direction, perhaps suggesting side-trails to explore, but it will always be with a sense of leading from behind.

Along the way you will undoubtedly find aspects of your own personality that you don’t particularly like and behaviors you are displeased with.  These undoubtedly create confusion within you as to why you are the way you are and behave as you do.  We all struggle with these aspects of ourselves, those parts that don’t seem totally under our control and that we don’t like.  The good news is that nothing is set in stone.  With the proper counseling fit, with a lot of hard work, with a supportive therapeutic relationship, and with time, change is possible.  It won’t be easy and it is often not fast, but it is possible.  Of course I cannot guarantee that the changes you seek will definitely happen.  Unfortunately nothing in this life is guaranteed.  But if you are willing to share your story and journey with me, I would be honored to walk alongside you and attempt to forge new trails in life’s overgrown forests.

Together we will attempt to create a sense of stillness in this dizzying and fast-paced world.  We can think of this stillness as a sort of haven from life’s overwhelming pace and stress.  We can leave the world out there and focus on you, your relationships, your issues, and your attitude toward yourself.  We can help you achieve a sense of inner stillness, of true self-acceptance, which is in my opinion the greatest sense of freedom we can achieve.

If you’re ready to start this journey, give me a call or send me an email and set up an appointment today.

Michael Wilson, MA, LPC Intern

Michael Wilson, MA verified by GoodTherapy.org                 verified by Psychology Today

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