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Hi, I’m Michael Wilson, and I provide counseling in Tigard, OR.
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My specialty is working with couples to help them achieve more fulfilling relationships.  My work ranges from improving communication to healing from an affair.  I also provide counseling for individuals who are dealing with trauma, depression, anxiety, and poor self-image.

When working with couples I practice Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy.  The purpose of EFT is to help you develop a strong, healthy bond with one another.  We’ll spend the first few sessions building trust and safety.  I will also identify the pattern of communication that has developed between you and your partner.  We’ll then spend the bulk of our time developing a healthier pattern.  Finally, we’ll review our work and strengthen the changes.  You’ll walk away from therapy with a healthier and more satisfying relationship.  To learn more about EFT, click here.

With individuals I use Interpersonal Therapy.  Interpersonal therapists believe distress comes from unmet needs in relationships.  Our focus will be on how you understand yourself, others, and behave within relationships.  We will make use of the relationship between us as important data on how you engage with others.  You will then be able to decide if you want to make changes or not.  I will offer a supportive and caring presence along the way to help you find more peace and contentment in your life.

So, that’s me.  Or rather, that’s therapy me.  In case you’re curious, I also enjoy reading.  Usually it’s pretty boring counseling books, but I try to make time each year to read the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings series.  I’m husband to a kind, encouraging, and beautiful woman, and father to a curious, hilarious, and determined daughter.  We also have two cats, and my wife continues to push for a hedgehog.

If you think we’d be a good fit for counseling, please contact me today for an appointment.

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