Each of us has a story…

…And sometimes we need someone else who can affirm our strengths and remind us that though we have problems, we are not the problem.  Too often counseling can be seen only as a place where people go to talk about pain and trauma.  While that is often true, I prefer to view counseling as the place people go to gain freedom.  That may be freedom from pain and it may be freedom from trauma, or it may be freedom from expectations, insults, or labels.

Or perhaps you are seeking freedom from self-loathing.  Too often I find that the restraints holding back my clients from living a fulfilling life are the chains of being critical and harsh toward themselves.  To have acceptance for oneself, to demonstrate compassion toward oneself, and to actively love oneself – this is true freedom.  And it is the first step toward a new self that demonstrates that acceptance, compassion, and love for others, daily working toward healthier relationships and a richer, more fulfilling life.

Whatever it is specifically my clients are searching for, I strive to help them achieve the changes they seek.

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