Welcome to Still Haven Counseling.  I am an individual and couples therapist in Tigard, Oregon, and my passion is helping people.  If you’re here it means you are ready to receive the help you need to begin the healing process and find freedom.

Chances are you’ve tried everything you can think of to find peace and contentment.  You may even have tried therapy already, but still you feel caught in a storm of negativity and pain.  I named my practice Still Haven specifically because I want to convey, first and foremost, that this is a place of safety and quiet.  A place where my passion, helping, meets your ache to be helped.  To be free.

I specialize in treating depression, anxiety, trauma, and relationship concerns.

With couples my primary aim is to help you both meet one another’s deepest needs so you can experience a truly fulfilling partnership.  My philosophy with couples in distress is that for the two of you, it is no longer safe to disclose your fears and feelings with one another, which creates a crippling sense of insecurity.  In reaction to this insecurity, all kinds of negativity ensues: blame, anger, withdrawal, defensiveness, criticism, the list is endless.  This leads to a negative cycle in which each partner’s insecurities draw out the others insecurities, making it nearly impossible to achieve a healthy relationship.  As a couple, you don’t really need new tools, but a new awareness of your own emotions and a new language to be able to work together toward a healthy relationship.  I primarily practice from an emotionally-focused standpoint.

My primary aim with individual therapy is to align with you, to figure out who you are and how you understand life, so we can work together to develop strategies that will be effective for you.  Therapy is not a one-size fits all activity, but a dynamic and ever-changing collaboration between therapist and client.  Therapy reflects life, and life requires flexibility, so we’ll begin practicing flexibility from day one.  I practice primarily from an interpersonal and emotion-focused standpoint, with a little mindfulness weaved throughout.

If you like what you’ve heard so far, please give me a call or send me an email, and I would be happy to arrange a 30-minute phone consultation for no charge to see if we might be a good fit for one another.  Begin your journey to freedom today.