My name is Michael Wilson, and I provide marriage and couples counseling in Tigard and Beaverton. My passion is helping couples achieve a more fulfilling and exciting relationship.

You’ve probably tried everything you can think of to find peace and contentment.  You may even have tried marriage counseling before, but still you feel caught in a storm of negativity and pain.  I named my practice Still Haven to convey this is a refuge amidst the storm.  A place where my passion – helping – meets your ache to be helped.

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It is never too late to begin healing a marriage in distress.

I practice an effective method of marriage counseling called Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy.  The goal of EFT is to help you and your partner access your deeper emotions so you can reach for one another in conflict, rather than pull away.  If you’re curious, you can learn more about EFT by clicking here.

Please take your time to explore my website.  You’re not looking for just any therapist, but the right therapist for you.  Successful marriage counseling requires a quality relationship with a therapist you trust.   I encourage you to give me a call (or use my incredibly convenient online scheduler).  I’d love to speak with you directly so we can start your journey to a healthier, more fulfilling relationship today.



Marriage and Couples

It probably feels like – no matter what you try – you and your partner seem to drift further apart.  You are so different, and sometimes it seems impossible that anyone could help you find one another again.  You may even feel like you can hardly talk anymore because it always seems to end in an argument. The good news is, I consistently help couples just like you rediscover what it means to have a vibrant and fulfilling relationship.  The question is, how?

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Individual Trauma Treatment

If you have experienced trauma, it can sometimes feel like there is no hope for healing.  You probably feel disconnected and distant from others.  It can often feel as though repairing what was broken is an impossible task.  Thankfully, there is hope.

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